Wednesday July 25th, 2018

Mining Skills Council Grants Quality Certification to Komatsu’s Maintainers Program

The Maintainers Program of Komatsu received the quality certification granted by the Mining Skills Council (CCM, by its initials in Spanish) at a ceremony held at the Mining Council headquarters in Santiago.

CCM is an initiative by the Mining Council whose objective is to supply information, standards and tools to adapt the formation of technicians and professionals to the demand of the mining labor market, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The meeting was attended by Darko Louit, CEO of Komatsu Cummins, Carlos Soto, General Manager of Komatsu Chile, and members of Chile Foundation and the Industrial and Mining Training Center (CEIM, by its initials in Spanish).

Miguel Cuevas, Director of the Komatsu Training Center (CFK, by its initials in Spanish), stressed the importance of this milestone for the Company. “This is a great achievement, it means that the persons who receive our training follow a program that is in full agreement with the mining industry requirements as it meets all the standards that the Mining Council requires. It is with great joy that we receive this certification as result of our joint work with CEIM over the last year”.

In turn, Sofía Moreno, Manager of CCM, said: “We are also proud to grant certification number four of the ELEVA Program. It is also the first certification received by two institutions together and wish to express our congratulations for a job well done. We are aware that this task has not been short or simple, but finally all the efforts paid off”.

Even though this process is not mandatory for the companies in the mining business, Cuevas indicated that this certification is a step towards a future scenario. “With a view to mid and long terms expectations, we consider that this is a desirable situation. When mining customers ask how we train our people, we can answer that we follow their own guidelines”, he concluded.

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